This week we had the pleasure of hearing from Paul Conte,  Strategist,with the firm Health & Finance Integrated. Paul, who also happens to be a member of Rotary Preston, is known to our club members for his excellent work ethic, and desire to make a difference in the community. 
Health & Finance Integrated is a "people- centred" social enterprise specialising in providing financial advice to people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. It is the only firm in Australia to provide this service. Founded in 2013, "with the aim of assisting people to find solutions best suited to unique situations and to alleviate the anxiety of dealing with financial, social welfare and social service systems." 
        There are two arms to the service. Care Plan: a financial planning and advisory service. Tailored to people with specific requirements, for example there may be a need for setting up a Disability Trust, advising on how to grow wealth and retirement savings on a reduced income after illness or injury, & exploring ways to maximise Centrelink and tax benefits for instance. 
ProAssist is the other facet of Health & Finance Integrated, whereby they represent and advocate for you, the client, - deal with Govt departments, and negotiate application outcomes with the organisations such as Centrelink, Dept of Housing, Public Trustees. Anyone who has had to negotiate their way through these mine- fields will be aware of the complexities involved. 
As Paul noted, " our objective is to make life less confusing, promote autonomy, and provide the right to a dignified life."
A great service, and as Rotarians will appreciate its classification as a Social Enterprise is icing on the cake as a significant profit is returned to the community. 
 Thanks Paul for an insightful presentation!