Jill Pope, Warehouse Manager with the BIG GROUP HUG gave an excellent presentation of the work this organisation does. Compassion & Passion for humanity is the key driver for their work. Jill's talk is attached - it succinctly draws attention to the distinct discrepancies in our society. But some salient facts to highlight:
From June 2020- June 2021
  • 3,769 children have been supported
  • 100,000 essential items have been distributed to vulnerable and disadvantaged families
  • 2,141 families have been assisted across 165 suburbs
  • 44% families are single parent families
Demand during Covid has increased by 59% because  there has been an increase in women and children escaping domestic violence, Refugees & Asylum Seekers dont receive Govt assistance. Many families who have lost their jobs/businesses who have previously not reached out for support have had to.
Wonderful work BIG GROUP HUG! Rotary Preston were pleased to make a financial donation to this organisation.