This is how the ‘Bridge Darebin’ , https: //bridgedarebin has been described, and after an excellent presentation by Community Education Officer Prue Challis, and Pathways & Education Officer, Sofia Fauzi, we are in no doubt that is the case! Bridge Darebin is a not for profit and certified social enterprise based in Thornbury and Preston. Starting 39 years ago, the Bridge has been involved in adult and community education. It is an Arts hub, as well as currently hosting the Moon Rabbit Café, a social enterprise café. Prior to the Covid- 19 Pandemic, the Bridge provided weekly a free sit- down lunch to anyone in the community, together with a take- home frozen meal.
In 2020 Bridge partnered with Reservoir Neighbourhood House in providing food relief, ( in which our club were actively involved) and this continues.
They are about to start up a second- hand book and record area; they are hosting a Bridge Queer event each month; and they have a thriving volunteer program.
Education Programs, courses & activities include:
  • IT
  • Eco- walking groups
  • Digital Literacy
  • English Courses
  • Sustainability programs
  • Barrista & Hospitality
The Bridge has proved to be adaptable in the face of the Pandemic, especially in what they have been able to offer and achieve for people with disabilities.
How fortunate the City of Darebin is to have such a dedicated team of staff and volunteers for such a creative community hub.
Thanks to Prue & Sofia for their great work, and presentation to our club.