Children First Foundation
Sep 28, 2023
Jessica Redwood
Children First Foundation

Children First Foundation CEO Jessica Redwood joined us recently in providing a succinct and powerful presentation of the great work of this Foundation. Rotary Preston has long been emotionally invested in the Foundation, helping to build a retreat in Kilmore for the children and families who have been brought to Australia for complex paediatric surgery.

Jessica highlighted that 5 billion people globally do not have access to safe, affordable surgical care when they need it most.

The majority of this is prevalent in Developing countries.

Starting in 1999, more than 500 children have been brought from mainly Pacific Island communities to Australia for complex surgery.

The holistic care, and follow up sees these children through hospital care, and rehabilitation, until discharge home. 

Hearing the stories of these children, and the often horrendous physical limitations of their conditions is a salient reminder of how we as a nation are privileged to access the medical care often taken for granted.

We gratefully acknowledge the fantastic work all who are connected to Children First Foundation, and the the great courage shown by the affected children and their families.

Rotary Preston looks forward to the Kilmore Retreat soon!!