Rotary Preston
Feb 08, 2024
Peter Peyton & Wayne O’Neil
Rotary Preston

We are gifted really at Rotary Preston to hear from a great variety of people at our meetings, and recently, we were gifted indeed in having long- serving member, and Past President, Peter Peyton give us an insight into Rotary Preston’s rich heritage.

Peter, along with Wayne O’Neil, has been a member of our club for 50 years, and we celebrated this incredible milestone in 2023.

      Peter painted a very different Rotary culture of the 70’s, and 80’s- an all male bastion, mostly local professionals, business- men, all in suits, and”  required”to attend weekly meetings.

Friendship, service to local and international communities  has not wavered, though perhaps the meeting culture is less formal, and gender inclusive ! Peter noted the ongoing challenge of fundraising to support the many great causes we endeavor to help, highlighting a turning point in 1987 when fellow Rotarian, Wayne O’Neil took on the responsibility for overseeing our chief fundraising arm.

We are deeply grateful to Peter ( and Wayne) and long may they continue to gift our club with life and energy!