VASS: Fund The Food Forest
Jun 09, 2022
Sue Stephenson
VASS: Fund The Food Forest

The Rotary Club of Preston was inspired by the excellent presentation given by Sue Stevenson regarding the project to build a Food- Forrest & Well- Being garden for the Residents of Thornbury’s Ventilator Accomodation Support Service, VASS.

The inspiration for this garden came from Sue’s late husband, Gerard, who, as a result of an accident, relied fully on Ventilator support. Under the auspices of “Global Gardens for Peace” – a Not for Profit organisation based here in Melbourne, this organisation seeks to” build inclusive, accessible gardens, to inspire, heal and empower vulnerable communities.”

“Yooralla’s Ventilation Accommodation Support Service (VASS) is a community of people in residential care in Thornbury, who have a high degree of disability, and whose lives rely entirely on ventilation.

With breathing equipment constantly by their side and their mobility restricted by wheelchairs, this unique group of individuals have helped design and fundraise for a sensory food garden which would fulfil their aspirations, and bring moments of delight into their

VASS are urgently seeking donations to progress this project from its planning stage.

Your donations to this wonderful project are most welcome.

For further information go to: