Sainab is the current President of the Rotary Club of North Melbourne.

She is the founder of the ZainabSheikh Foundation, supporting refugees from Africa, using her skills as a Social Worker. Sainab’s warmth and humanity shines through as she talked about her work in community assisting with immigration issues, housing, English classes, setting up homework clubs for students. The list is endless. Building partnerships with Victoria Police, Sainab is helping to break down barriers of misunderstanding, and mis- trust which can at times be mutual. Returning to Somalia in 2009, Sainab was horrified by the devastation wrought by Civil war, drought and famine. In 2020 she organised a container filled with medical equipment from Rotary’s DIK ( Donations in Kind) warehouse in Footsgray to Somalia. Shortages in Somalia abound; water is scarce, so she is seeking funds to establish bore- water holes, and assist in health care and education.
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