Did you know one out of three spoonfuls of our daily food depend on bees for pollination? "Bees are essential for our food security," Rotarians,
                       John McCaskill & Faye Kirkwood ( Rotary clubs of Canterbury, and Caulfield) informed us recently at our lunchtime meeting.
                                                   'Rotarians for Bees' are committed to inform, educate, and raise awareness of the need to protect and support bees.
John went on to say that world- wide Bee numbers are falling alarmingly  because of
.Climate Change
.Pesticides & industrial agriculture
.Loss of Habitat & flowering plants
.Varroa Mite- ( which thankfully is NOT YET in Australia) - but is throughout Europe.
                                 ACTION ENCOURAGED: ( a few examples)
Join: ESRAG; (Environmental Sustainability Action Group).  https://www.esrag.org/rotarians-bees
- plant bee- friendly plants, eg providing plenty of pollen & nectar in gardens & pots & have a water source in your garden
- Don't use pesticides outdoors
- Support research into disease & Varroa resistant bees, eg, the Wheen Foundation  http://www.wheenbeefoundation.org.au
-Buy local HONEY!smiley  
- ROTARIANS FOR BEES - has a Facebook site: to join:    https://www.facebook.com/groups/395777217740428/