Yes! Another great program in place by participating Rotary clubs. Why recycle play equipment you ask? Well, as Bob Allardice from Rotary Nunawading explained, many developing countries are in dire need of great playground equipment for children. Many are removed here in Australia and regularly replaced. Sadly, the "old" playground equipment ends up in Landfill.
      Since the RORP ( Rotary Overseas Recycle Playgrounds) project was launched, 105 Playgrounds have been "harvested" and send to countries such as Sri Lanka, East Timor, PNG, Fiji,.. the list goes on. 
As Bob says, "this is a living, breathing, existing, and developed project.
Rotary Preston have been invited to participate by identifying playground equipment within the Darebin area that may be about to be removed, and assist with the RORP's team in targeting these for other countries. There are other duties involved, however Chair of International Committee Peter Peyton, is to liase with Bob to sound out future possibilities for our involvement. Watch this space!
Thanks Bob for your informative presentation!