Peter Sambell, Senior Sergeant at Reservoir Police Station, is a fellow of great integrity, and a great friend to Preston Rotary.
Friend & Colleague, Shanice Vilone writes
“ Peter is well known for his great leadership and has a great passion in developing others especially when it comes to new or potential recruits from the community. He is consistently contacted by the City of Darebin staff to assist and support their initiatives.
Senior Sergeant Peter Sambell was selected to be a mentor for the new initiative ‘African Australian Recruitment Program’ in 2018. He successfully mentored an applicant with a Somali background and has been asked again to support the program. Peter is a L2P mentor and pre COVID he was mentoring an Asylum Seeker from Qatar. He has been part of many significant initiatives dedicated to the community….”
     Peter recently reflected on his Great Uncle, William Ruthven, V.C. – a name strongly associated with the Darebin area. ( n/b “Ruthven” Railway station!)  Wiilliam Ruthven served in both WW1 & WW2, was Mayor of Collingwood, & a State Parliamentarian. He grew up in humble circumstances, and, achieved a great deal in his lifetime. In asking the question, ‘what drove William?” Peter gave us pause to reflect on, what it is that drives us as Rotarians? The notion of “giving back to community” is one we all share. We share many values, and “Service to others” is key. We are really fortunate in Rotary as we are frequently in contact with folk who are service- driven, innovative, and compassionate.

Peter Sambell is all of the above.

Thanks Peter!