In our current Pandemic crisis, good- news stories are essential for all of our mental-health !
Jo Bartlett & Nicki Nellis, from Epping Pavillion School painted a strong and inspiring picture of their work at this very special school.....
Students attending this school have not often found a place where they can be nurtured in a very specific way.  Jo related that 17% of students have some form of disability, 10% are Indigenous students, and many students have complex issues which they are living with.Students from a wide area attend the Pavillion School, Wallan & Flowerdale for example.  Key principles in supporting students involve-
 .ensuring a stable routine
.providing a well-being program
. supporting emotions,
.assisting in managing conflict,
.making friendships,
.building psychological skills and strength, 
.for Indigenous students- mentorship by Elders
Industry and Higher education visits are undertaken for more senior students, and 80% graduating students go on to productive pathways in employment, or further education. 
Another unique feature of this school community is that graduates can access staff for support after they have left school.
Read more in our recent Weekly Bulletin ( Aug 11) as our excellent John McCarthy captures further detail of this great school.
Congratulations, students and staff at Epping Pavillion School for your courage and persistence!