At the 2023 Melbourne Convention is was inspiring to meet with other Rotarians from all over the world who were working to make a difference.
Rotary Preston joined the ENDPLASTICSOUP campaign as a supporter club.
At times the issue of plastic pollution seems utterly overwhelming. In the recent ENDPLASTICSOUP newsletter, it highlighted the number of clubs globally who are activating ways to make a real difference.
Endplasticsoup’s website: is informative and a great resource for all of us to take action and reduce the stream of plastic polluting our waterways.
For example: Use less plastic every day!
Every day :Pick up plastic waste from the street, beach, or waterfront. ( it’s easy,- wear gloves if you prefer, OR buy a long- arm picker ( they are not expensive!)
Use: re- usable shopping bags, paper bags for fresh fruit and vegetables.
Avoid: buying pre-packaged fruit and veges
Use: keepcups when buying your takeaway drinks
Invest: in a Sodastream – if sparkling water is your thing. Its incredible how much you save in $$$ and save in PLASTIC CONSUMPTION
GET INVOLVED : with community groups such as ROTARY PRESTON   & take part in our Merri Creek clean ups.
JOIN RIMERN ( Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network)- re- home  household goods to prevent them going into landfill.
These are just a few simple ways we can reduce plastic consumption and waste.
Together with 1.2 million Rotarians ( and family friends)  we aim to reduce plastic waste.