Always a terrific occasion, Rotary Preston hosted the 11th Annual Community Police Awards recently.
Past President Elaine Price, does a fantastic job in coordinating nominations  from local Darebin Police Stations, - Reservoir, Preston & Northcote.
Sergeant LeeAnn Parfett, was recognised with a Highly Commended Award, and was recommended by Senior Sergeant Sam Groves, of Reservoir Police Station. S/Sergeant Groves writes,
  “Sergeant Parfett is a highly motivated member, regarded as reliable & friendly. She is always polite and courteous in her dealings with her colleagues and our community members alike. She views her key strengths as being her adherence to the Victim’s Charter, and her strategic focus on the Neighbourhood Policing Model. ( NPM) The NPM is a new initiative implemented by Victorian Police in early 2022. It involves a greater focus on community issues, driven by the community, and not Victoria Police. Sergeant Parfett  holds the Neighbourhood Policing portfolio for Reservoir and has used hard work & ingenuity  to encourage all members to understand the benefits behind the new strategy…. Lee Ann is the number 1 “go- to” person within the Reservoir Police Station when it comes to enhancing our community engagement opportunities, be it by attending events or utilizing social media to reach out to members of the public and bring them into our policing world….”
The Rotary Club of Preston offer their congratulations, and Senior Sergeant Groves accepted the award on behalf of Sergeant Parfett.
THE 2022/2023  COMMUNITY POLICE AWARD WINNER … went to Acting Senior Sergeant Lee Anne Hamilton from Preston Police Station.  
Inspector Graham Guy wrote, “ Upon her arrival Lee Anne embraced her role and set to work to implement, change and rebuild the reputation of Preston Police Station, both internally and externally. Lee Anne recognised the need to focus on her Sergeant cohort and implemented several changes which resulted in a more intrusive and supportive Sergeant’s network. Sergeants are now more visible and supportive of our junior workforce, providing greater oversight and advice whilst members are confronted with various policing issues in Preston……
….. Lee Anne has also been responsible for oversighting and guiding the Preston Police Station through its efforts to secure its Scope Australia Accreditation… Preston Police Station is now of three police stations Statewide which can provide support & assistance to people who are unable to speak or have difficulty in getting their message across.
      Lee Anne has also played an active role in the Neighbourhood Police Model (NPM) roll out across Preston and has been very active in several community/police & local government committees.
  1. Northland Precinct Action Group
  2. Police & Aboriginal Community Protocols Against Family Violence….
Lee Anne is a hard- working and committed member who
.Demonstrates the values of Victoria Police and instills these in her staff
.Has delivered several initiatives for the Preston Police Station & community
.Has become a well-respected & popular manager for the members of Preston
.Has made Preston Police station a safe & enjoyable place to work, a destination station, which is a significant improvement from when she started in the role.
.Has improved the Preston Police standing in the community.