Feb 16, 2022
Preston Rotary celebrated a wonderful event in acknowledging & congratulating two  outstanding young Police in the Darebin region.
First Constable Nathan Batchelor, based at Preston Police Station  was HIGHLY COMMENDED for his work excelling in managing potentially dangerous situations, and mentoring  youths at risk. 
Nathan had previously worked as a Primary School Welfare Officer, and clearly, his compassion and work experience has been so well integrated in his role as a Police Officer. Amazingly, he has time to coach a Junior Basketball team in his spare time! 
First Constable Catherine Morgan, ( Northcote Police Station, ) WON the Community Police Award, for her work in "Operation Reduce". The impact of the Pandemic has been huge on the mental health of many people. The NW Metro region regularly responds to mental health episodes - & their aim is to reduce arrests and incarceration of vulnerable, and "at risk" people. Catherine has built a data- base identifying at risk people; she has worked also to track colleagues' mental health and well being. 
In her acceptance speech, Catherine said her reason for joining the Police Force was "to help people", and she thanked her family for offering her the values she takes with her in her everyday life. 
Catherine's choice of charity for the $500 donated to her on behalf of Rotary Preston was "Beyond Blue."
A fantastic occasion, and all guests, & Rotarians were pleased to thank the amazing work of our First Responders in Darebin.