Recent speaker
Mar 11, 2023
Heather Harris
Recent speaker

What a delight to have Heather Harris, Author of “Sweating Blood, Mopping Bullets” as our Guest Speaker recently. A highly experienced Midwife, Heather volunteered with Medicine Sans Frontiers over a 12 year period. Working on the frontline in warzones under incredibly austere circumstances. Hospitals with no running water, often with the health system totally collapsed, babies continued to be born. Heather admits, she was often required to take action that no Midwife would be permitted to do in Australia! Sri Lanka, Nepal, Somalia, were just a few of the countries she worked in, and Heather feels this was a totally life- changing experience. She was guided by pearls of wisdom offered by a fellow MSF Volunteer;- “everything you need is inside you.”

On returning from overseas assignments, she always noticed how fast- paced our society is; we are  consumer- oriented, and boy, what a lot of obese people we have in our country!

       Heather learned gratitude and humility. She encourages us all, as Tennis Pro, Arthur Ashe once stated,

“Start Where You Can
Do What you’ve got
Do What you Can! “

What a gift Heather is to our world. Fantastic Heather- and Heather is the incoming President for the Rotary Club  of Pascoe Vale. Lucky them!!